Well behaved women rarely make history.

I'm not well behaved. I'm simply me.

It gets dirty!

Trude Helén Hole


Author, journalist, speaker, sommelier, painter, coach, blogger and model

Better than Bridget Jones. Budstikka - Books to Desire. MAG - Norway's best female author. Dagsavisen

Fun, fearless female. Cosmopolitan - Norway's first chick-lit author. Aftenposten - The Princess of Humor. The Asker newspaper

Summer beach recommendation. Bold stuff for the ladies. BA - It´s not a shy and blushing young girl novel Hole has written. NTB

Better than Bridget Jones! Budstikka

Humor, self-irony and romantic intricacies are the ingredients. The heroine is ambitious, sex-fixated and in search for the great love. But New York has been replaced by Oslo. Henne

A humorous, captivating story!

Wenche Kornstad

Hole has a wonderful form of expression that goes straight to my heart.

I´m laughing out loud quite often.

A humorous and captivating story.

Wenche Kornstad

Sensuality, love and devilry!

Rune Tollefsen

The books are characterized by sensuality, love and devilry.

Well buzzed together by Norway's best female author. 

Rune Tollefsen


Trude Helén Hole is a Norwegian Author, blogger and journalist that had her first article in the newspaper at the age of thirteen. It was about her desire for a better nature management in Norway. She has been writing articles for several magazines and newspapers, and also write about restaurants, wine, film and books, as well as politics, business and selfdevelopment on her blog.

But books are her true passion. As a little girl she read tons of books and took an early decision to become an author herself. But even though her first novel was completed in 1994 - 12 years disappeared while she studied history and psychology, and travelled all over the world including some years in Australia where she worked on a horse ranch and a cattle farm. Back in Norway she become the general manager of a wine-company for six years before her first novel came out in 2006. The Truth about Lotte-Marie sold 6,000 which became a Norwegian record for a debutant.

So far, Hole has written 13 books, both novels, schoolbooks and documentaries - among them 4 books about the pretty rough and sensitive figure Lotte-Marie which is referred to by the media and readers as the most unique and funniest books in Norway. The books are UNISEX and very popular also among men. Humor, irony, intelligence, romance, sex and excitement, and sometimes mysteries, crime and murder - are good reading material for both men and women of all ages.

About Lotte-Marie, the funniest books in Norway. Readers of both gender are fascinated by the character's complexity, her courage and her consistent strength, but even the strongest can sometimes become fragile and insecure. This changing shift in a human being and what possibly causes it, is what makes a person and a story interesting.

Good entertainment and humor are universal. But the books about Lotte-Marie are not only considered sexy and funny - they also promote important questions regarding societal development and human behavior which makes these books highly socially relevant. Hole also write articles about sex, cohabitation and self-development, and her articles about "Leadership through inner motivation" are widely used in management and academic literature, as well in her own books.

Trude Helén Hole masters the art of balancing strength and vulnerability, humor and seriousness. Her pen is fast, steady and easygoing. Her texts are unique both in form and content - and Hole has according to what is said about her - almost created her own literary genre with her books about Lotte-Marie. 


Dice roll 6. Torill Andersen

I have not read all her books yet. But if she writes as well as in The Story, they definitely can be recommended. I have never laughed so much at such a sensual embodied autobiography. Funny, teasing and brutally honest. Dice roll 6!

Rune Chr. Tollefsen

I read a lot of books and I´m not easily impressed anymore, so this was just absolutely amazing! Marianne H. Jensen

Well written and very funny. Laughed all the way throughout the book. Åge Grønning

I could not put down The Story - what an entertaining and lively book. Strong reading, liberating honesty and lots of wonderful humor. Hole is a really skilled, tough, raw, funny, fearless and not at least a honest author. Kjersti Meidell

Trude Helén Hole writes absolutely wonderful and straight forward. When I read I could hear her voice. Some of it came strong to me. Hole is truly an unique writer! Trine Lise Jagge

Hysterically funny book, laughed until I cried. Miles from Goethe which I also like. Lasse Østervold

Fresh language and a lot of funny pictures and scenes. Hole has probably invented her own genre with these books.

Jan Ove Ekeberg

I have read 4 of Hole's books and I love them all, but The Story is my favorite so far! Øyvind Janbu Berg

Highly recommended! The Story is definitely a fun, untraditional and not least unique book. The author lets you completely into the unknown and writes unfiltered. Terje Storm Unhjem

LoL! Wonderfully liberating and brilliant literature with intelligent humor - the stories get me in a good mood, but also inspire reflection. The book offers both high entertainment and ethical values, and is only getting better and better. The author appears to be advanced and completely unique on this planet! Her beautiful fresh style surpasses all others.

Grunde Avharstveit