Lotte-Marie, the funniest books ever written in Norway?
20,000 pre-sold books!

Norwegian record for a debutant. The Truth About Lotte-Marie, Uncensored is Trude Helén Hole's debut novel and the first about the rather unconventional Lotte-Marie. The novel was published by N.W. Damm & Søn Forlag in 2006 and sold over 6,000 in the first edition which at the time was a Norwegian record. According to media and readers, the books about Lotte-Marie from the north coast in Norway, are simply the best within the humor genre, and are often referred to as Norway's feministic, refreshing and humorous answers to our gloomy, tired and semi-alcoholic crime heroes such as Harry Hole and Varg Veum written by Jo Nesbø and Gunnar Staalelsen.

These are UNISEX books. The unconventional books about Lotte-Marie are totally limitless when it comes to language, means and the use of humor and satire, although with an underlying message for the attentive reader. Readers of both gender are fascinated by the character's complexity, her courage and her consistent strength, but even the strongest can sometimes become fragile and insecure. This changing shift in a human being and what possibly causes it, is what makes a person and a story interesting. The books are also about setting and breaking boundaries, about vulnerability and courage - all told with a lot of revealing humor and self-irony. Hole writes about love, fantasies and feelings - and about sex, desires and passion in a tone that captures both gender. The author has an easy-going style and also writes unfiltered about self-development and reflection, althoug with a twisted pen. 

Good entertainment and humor are universal. But the books about Lotte-Marie are not only considered sexy and funny - they also promote important questions regarding societal development and human behavior which makes these books highly socially relevant. Hole writes articles about "Leadership and motivation" that are widely used in management and academic literature, as well in her own books. Her pen is steady, light and easygoing, and the result are books that are unique both in form and content. In short; Trude Helén Hole master the art of balancing strength and vulnerability, humor and seriousness, and has according to what is said about her - almost created her own literary genre with her books about Lotte-Marie.

About the character. Lotte-Marie is a divided person. Lotte is wild, ruthless, rude and uninhibited, while Marie is the pretentious and correct businesswoman, the one who works in the wine industry and is the superseller with the splendid nose. Her two conflicting characters tears her apart, and the art is to balance these two egoes, something Lotte-Marie is not very good at. Norway's funniest books are about being a human being, but first and foremost a woman in a male dominated world - a woman who tends to end up in the most bizarre situations where small margins separate life and death.

The books are read by both women and men with a sense of humor and can easily be read individually.


This is Trude Helén Hole's debut novel and the first book about Lotte-Marie. The novel was published by N.W. Damm & Søn in 2006 and sold over 6,000 in the first edition, which was a Norwegian record. The books about Lotte-Marie are read by both women and men with a great sense of humor. The book is also part of Tanum's Best Seller club! Well read!

Better than Bridget Jones. Budstikka

Norway's best female author. Dagsavisen

Trude Helén Hole - fun, fearless female. Cosmopolitan

Norway's first chicklit author. Aftenposten

Trude Helén Hole - the Princess of Humor. Askeravisen

Summer beach recommendation. Bold stuff for the ladies. BA

Humor, self-irony and romantic intricacies are the main-ingredients. The heroine is still ambitious, sex-fixated and searching for the great love. But New York has been replaced by Oslo. HENNE

This is not a shy and blushing young girl novel. It spins around the protagonist's uninhibited sex fantasies and pretty funny, bisarre and harsh SMS jokes. NTB

Books to Desire. Trude Helén Hole is the woman behind the first Norwegian book within the chicklit genre. The genre was predicted a short future by critics, but they were wrong. These easygoing and entertaining stories still top the sales lists. MAG

The humorous diary-like literature is still going strong. Now Bridget Jones got a new Norwegian sister; pretty rough Lotte-Marie. Tønsbergs Blad

Hole writes sweepingly great. I truly recommend her books and can't wait for the next one. Maiken Rabben

This is an incredibly funny book! One of the most wonderful I've read in a long time! Girls' literature at its best; a little Bridget Jones and a little Sex and single life. The book is easy to read and witty, and contains some completely raw text messages - I laughed so I cried several times. Lotte-Marie is a lady who according to herself reigns supreme; she is the king, not a queen! She knows she is good at her job, and knows she is a racer to drive a car, she is also a very competitive person and definitely believes that she is the best bestfriend ever. But there are holes in the ground for those who forget to look down, and this lady gets to experience that from time to time. The book will soon be sold out from the publisher, so hurry up! The second book is on it´s way these days, and of course I will get that one too. Have fun! NinaAuthorBlog


This is the second book about Lotte-Marie that is referred to as Norway's funniest books. Lotte-Marie is in Hollywood and experiences celebrities, model life, glitter and glam, and constantly meets Janteloven, herself and her Norwegian prejudices at the door. And of course she is challenged both at work and in love life, and not least in getting out of her safe comfort zone. Events she reckons will never be discovered in her home country - quickly turns out to be fatal - the world is smaller than you think!

"I have read the first two books and noticed that I became very fond of the main character and her challenges in everyday life. The first book started somewhat confusing, but after I came halfway the pace picked up and the book was simply drivingly good. It the second book continued in the same drive, but ended far too fast, cause I really would like to know how things are going in the relationship between Lotte and Dick and Lotte and Magne. So I´ll just wait for book 3 then. Very easy-to-read entertainment." Hege Wendy Åsby Hansen

"Hole has a wonderful form of expression that goes straight to my heart. I´m laughing out loud quite often. A humorous and captivating story." Wenche Kornstad

"Trude Helén Hole writes sweepingly great and I will continue to recommend her books! Can't wait for the next book to enter the scene." Maiken Birgitte Rabben

THE DARK SIDE OF WINTER Norwegian title; Lotte-Marie og Matchmorderen.

The Dark side of Winter is a humorous crime novel (satire) and the third book about the charming Norwegian novel figure Lotte-Marie and a parody of Knife written by Jo Nesbo – as Nesbo “borrowed” this story from the author Trude Helén Hole. Nesbo and Hole had a realtionship for three years, and the manuscript was often a topic of conversation between the two of them. In the third book with the Norwegian title: Lotte-Marie og Marchmorderen, Norway´s dear, beloved heroine Lotte-Marie has left the glamorous life in California and returned to Oslo where she experiences both loneliness, drama and excitement. She also puts her life at stake in her eagerness to help the brilliant, audaciously rogue police officer, Barry Hole and the sexy detective Varg Lerum to solve the brutal and mysterious murders. If you like it a bit fierce, raw, sexy, exciting, perverted and funny - then this is the book for you. #Parody

- Don´t say a word - undress and put your blindfold on. Now I´m coming for you!

"In short; fresh and lively language and lots of funny pictures and scenes. Hole has probably created her own genre with these books." Jan Ove Ekeberg

"Just finished reading The Dark side of Winter, and I agree that it was even better! Got my laughting muscles trimmed properly. Incredibly good sence of humor and a wonderful reading experience." Marianne Anker

"Today I have done something as rare as reading a book. The book caught me from about 50 shades and from then I just had to read the rest. Hole is a great author; damn funny and very spot on. Not to mention the eroticism she conveys. Highly recommended!" Gro Storteig

"This book is a successful hit. Big time! Hole is never boring. She uses all means to keep us: good excitement, humor, craziness, political assessments, thematic information, serial killers and sex. I loved it! Hole gives it all, and honor to authors who dare to offer themselves for their readers! What we want more of in the next book about Lotte-Marie; more of everything!" Øyvind Fygd

"I read a lot of books and I´m not easily impressed anymore, so this was just amazing! I discovered Hole's books in a independent authorgroup, and then found her on YouTube where she told about one of her books, and I thought: that lady is tough! I have to read her books! So I did, and I hope she will sell a lot in the future - at least I will read all her books from now! " Marianne H. Jensen

"Trude Helén Hole's books have many times made me LOL. Her own empathy and use of her own experiences in her texts gives an insight into a person you have rarely or never seen before. The books are characterized by sensuality, love and devilry, well whipped together by Norway's best female author." Rune Chr. Tollefsen


Lotte-Marie goes Down Under is a humorous crime novel (satire) inspired by Eyes Wide Shut with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, and The Bat written by Jo Nesbø. The film is a British-American erotic thriller from 1999 directed, produced and written by Stanley Kubrick. Lotte-Marie leaves her solid and rather boring life in Norway and sets course for Australia, more specifically for Sydney to experience excitement and action - but sometimes you get more than you ask for. Murder, whores, pimps, drugs, scary clowns and not least - madness!

The books about Lotte-Marie are described as Norway's humorous, sexy, fresh and feminine answer to our old, tired and semi-alcoholic crime heroes such as Varg Veum and Harry Hole. According to media and readers, the unconventional books are Norway's best within the humor genre, but with an underlying message for the sharp reader - the books are totally limitless when it comes to language, means and use of humor and satire. 

Readers of both gender are fascinated by the character's complexity, boldness and strength. But even the strongest can sometimes become fragile and insecure. This marvelous shift in a human being and what possibly causes it, is what makes a person and a story interesting. The author Trude Helén Hole writes about mysteries, crime and suspense, love, fantasies and emotions - and about sex, lusts and passion in a tone that captures both sexes and masters the art of balancing strength and vulnerability, humor and seriousness. Her pen is fast, steady and dynamic, and the lyrics are unique in both form and content. Hole has, according to what is said about her, created her own literary genre with her books about Lotte-Marie which are read by both women and men with a great sense of humor.

"I really liked this book. I enjoyed the refreshing style and how the author embrace important themes in our society that make one stop and reflect about reality. I also identify very much in Lotte-Marie. It is refreshing to see the world through her eyes and take part in her experiences. Thank you so much for the pleasure of reading Lotte-Marie goes Down Under." Marianne Ilstad 


In book number five, she leaves the busy life in Sydney and sets course for the west, towards crazy horses, the wilderness, good wine and grilled kangaroo - and not least cowboys with big C! It goes as it usually does with Lotte-Marie, a little beyond control. 


This is the story of a woman, seven men and a horse - this is also ian untraditional, "hysterically" funny and groundbreaking book with content that embraces politics, celebrities, sex, love and hate. Red thread is 7 men who have influenced the author and the conditions are described with the following conclusions. The author also depicts several nerve-wracking episodes where death has been dangerously close. The book is written with a fast pen, a lot of revealing humor and irony which is the author's trademark. The book is liked by both men and women. 

"The Story is just that - a story! Well-known Trude Helén Hole sews together events from her own life into an exciting, fun, provocative, witty and entertaining book. She rides, shoots from the hip, huts with her fist and takes us on her trips through life; both ups and downs. When a tough and fearless writer tells good and strong stories - the result is very readable!" Tanum

"Dice roll 6." Torill Andersen

"Very well written and funny. Humored me all throughout the book." Åge Grønning

"Very exciting and funny, and not least honest." Birthe Johnstad Gjerde

"Hysterically funny book, laughed until I cried. Miles from Goethe that I also like." Lasse Østervold

"Trude Helén Hole writes absolutely wonderful and straight forward. I could easily hear her voice. Some of it was very strong. Hole is truly a unique writer!" Trine Lise Jagge

"Dear Trude. I've been following you and your funny antics on social media for about seven years nowI have read 4 of your books and I love them all - but my favorite so far is The Story!" Øyvind Janbu Berg 

"Highly recommended! This is definitely a fun, untraditional and not least unique book. The author lets you completely into the unknown and writes unfiltered." Terje Storm Unhjem

"LOL! Wonderfully liberating and brilliant literature with intelligent humor - the stories get me in a good mood, but also inspire reflection. The book offers both high entertainment and ethical values, and is only getting better and better. The author appears to be advanced and completely unique on this planet! Her beautiful fresh style surpasses all others. I was completely moved to tears by the chapter about the killer, quite exciting to read - who needs crime novels when we have authors that tells stories from real life. That fact that the author has such a good survival ability is strong reading. She could easily become a special agent with her sharp brain and superb physique. I really just got growing sympathy and respect for her on all levels - completely honest, smart - strong, and with complete integrity. It´s fun to meet and read about a woman who is actually as talented and independent as this author, who deserves many readers." Grunde Avharstveit 

"I have not read all of Holes books yet. But if she writes as well as in The Story, they can be highly recommended. I have never laughed so much from such a sensual embodied autobiography. Can definitely be recommended - it´s funny, teasing and brutally honest. Roll the dice 6!" Rune Chr. Tollefsen

"I could not put down The Story, I´m overwhelmed! What an entertaining and lively book. It's liberatingly honest and has a wonderful sense of humor. It´s a strong book with a lot of seriousness and lots of humor. The author is really talented, tough, raw, funny, fearless and not at least real. Absolutely fantastic!" Kjersti Meidell


Ola washed the cutting board made and his fishknife in the sea and left them both in the large, now empty fishcan which he had just washed clean of blood and waste. Out of the corner of his eye he saw scowling, hateful looks from his colleagues, competitors and friends, but he had to endure it; he was after all and foremost a fisherman and a businessman. 

With a quick hand he untied the knots and sat down to row, and as he rowed across the bay he heard the paralysis from both the fishermen he left behind, the seagulls all over the place, the townspeople and the busy merchants on the pier. 

The fishermen from outside town gradually become a little less stubborn and then finally accepted the usual bargaining on the pier. The Bergen trade was now well underway. It was a pretty nice day, the clouds disappeared in favor of the sun. It was March and the year was 1727. 

"Trude Helén Hole is good at telling stories in this genre as well. The story is told in a simple and straightforward way, with many good historical descriptions. It is also very interesting to follow the characters in the book in their struggle throug life and love." Ivar Eide


According to NHI, suicide is the biggest threat to the health of children and young people. Over nine thousand girls and four thousand boys is trying to take their lives every year, 1/3 of all children and young people admit having suicidal thoughts, and self-harm has become commonplace today.

I have long wanted to write this book. I can´t read the same stories in the newspapers year after year - and feel that no one is doing anything about it. Norway was one of the first countries in the world to implement national measures to prevent suicide. Despite the efforts, the incidence of suicide is still very high. The number has been between 500 and 600 suicides a year in the last 20 years.

We can not let another 20 years go by without results, when we have enough knowledge to do something about it now. Therefore, I have collected a number of stories that show a clear pattern, and promoted some simple but concrete solutions that I believe are absolutely necessary to reduce the statistics around suicide and self-harm.

I have also put forward some sensible explanations written by people with good expertise, as well as posts written by people who "have been there" with accompanying advice and support. I hope that this book can help to increase the focus on suicide and that decisions and measures are implemented where it should within each topic that has been raised, so that the gloomy suicide statistics are reduced.

The main themes are; Bullying - Mental problems and increasing suicide among young people - Suicide within psychiatry - Extensive use of dangerous drugs that also increase the risk of suicide. Finally, I want to contribute with a few words I hope can improve everyday life for someone. It's all about giving yourself TIME.

Thanks to Fritt Ord. The book is self-financed, but Fritt Ord has supported its completion. Without Fritt Ord I would not have reached the finish line. Thanks also to all the contributors and especially Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby who wrote the foreword. 10% of the book's income goes to Kirkens SOS


"This is not a traditional book about airlines. It is infinitely more, and describes how it has been possible for a group of enthusiasts and sponsors to help a large number of very poor people in several different countries for almost a lifetime. The book is written by Trude Helén Hole and has about 200 pages, well illustrated. Hole has an easy-going style of writing that makes you live through the story, both ups and downs, the shock and despair, and joy in meeting people connected to these good actions, both on the receiving side and among those who in various ways are involved and organize them. This is a book well worth reading. Highly recommended."

Ole Bjørn Sælensminde, Norwegian Aviation History Magazine.

SAS Julefly is a book that explains the underlying reasons why the need is still great in Eastern Europe. It depicts the atrocities of World War II and the cold claws of the Russians that extends far into our time - and how love can heal deep wounds. The aid has gone to Poland, Latvia and the last eleven years to Tallinn in Estonia. People of all ages have received help, but the main focus is children; homeless and orphaned children. The slums kids.

There are no commercial interests within this picture. Few people know about the fact that SAS Christmas Plane can be described as one of Norway's most successful development projects measured in voluntariness, perseverance, efficiency and not least in actually achieving results. The book also describes how the Christmas plane was blessed by Pope John Paul II and how Karsten Midtun became a courier for Lech Walesa

The book resulted in 2 x the King's Medal of Merit. Through the writing process, the author Trude Helén Hole became well acquainted with both Karsten Midtun and Tamara Z. Egelund, both the driving force in this warm-hearted and long-lasting relief project, and the idea of ​​applying for Royal Appreciation came relatively early - so she applied, and in 2014 both Karsten and Tamara were awarded The King's Medal of Merit - and it is very well deserved!

When you read the book, you understand why. This is a book about war, about cruelty, misery and distress, but also love, perseverance, stubbornness, laughter, joy and humor - richly portrayed with strong and unforgettable images. The book can also be ordered at SAS JULEFLY, and the income goes directly to the street children in Tallinn and the orphanage Peeteli. 


På Druen is a wine compendium of 131 pages is richly illustrated with beautiful pictures. Hole, who is a trained sommelier and has been importing wine for over 6 years, has also been a wine writer for over 17 years for various media. Hole also produced the first (and only) Norwegian TV show about wine with the same name På Druen, and has now written an easy-to-understand compendium about wine that tells you what is worth to know about grapes and wine. Read more about the compendium here.

På Druen digital wine course. Hole has also held a number of wine courses all over the country - this is a wine course where wine snobs are banned - she has now due to many requests chosen to hold wine course again, but now with a new twist:

You can watch the wine courses on video at home when you have the time and desire!

In other words, you can sit and relaxe at home in your own living room with friends and wine clubs, or by your self if you prefer that - and learn about wine via all screens including TV. Everyone who orders the digitale wine course will receive the wine compendium free of charge.



Bring yourself out there! The author Trude Helén Hole has due to many requests if she can hold courses about how to succeed as a blogger, done it the simple way by writing How to be a better blogger, everything you need to know about blogging - which is a very understandable compendium, richly illustrated with photos and tips. The author's blog: is often to be found on the top 20 list in Norway, despite the fact that she is an independent blogger who does not belong to either a media house or a blog community. The compendium contains the following:

Chapter 1. What is a blog?

  • Different type of blogs.
  • Blog platforms.
  • Design and themes.
  • Why blogging - awareness and purpose.

Chapter 2. How to blog and create good content.

  • Strategy short and long-term.
  • Practicing Passion.
  • Use of headlines, text and image, and simple photo tips.

Chapter 3. How to get readers.

  • How to be found on Google.
  • How to be visible on social media.

Chapter 4. How to get revenue or increase sales.

  • How To Make Money On Your Blog.
  • Content Marketing - using the blog to sell a product.
  • Labeling of advertising and sponsored content.


COMING SOON. About the art book Aphrodite. This is a book about women and women's lives, produced by two unique women based on an idea by the author Trude Helén Hole who is also responsible for the project. This art book, a tribute to the woman - will contain fantastic works of art made by the artist Kaja Norum and accompanying small poems, essays and short stories about women's lives, both naked and honest - written by Trude Helén Hole.

Trude Helén Hole is described as an unconventional writer; she is not afraid to confront, discuss nor to provoke. She's not commercial either - she does what she wants to and writes current books that are far from mainstream. This is one of them.

Kaja Norum is a model and figurativist painter, as well as a former student and protégé of the painter Odd Nerdrum. After studying at Nerdrum in Stavern for three years, Norum made her debut with her own exhibition in June 2011. The exhibition, which consisted of figurative works of art, proved to be a great success and received a lot of attention due to the painting showing comedian Sturla Berg-Johansen with an erected penis. The painting "Homo Ludens" was sold to an anonymous buyer for $ 14,500. It was speculated whether the buyer was Petter Stordalen or business magnate Stein Erik Hagen, but it was later revealed that it was a gourmet restaurant in Oslo that had invested in the painting. In January 2014, Norun opened her third exhibition at Galleri Soon in Son in Vestby.


And then

you killed me!

She is raped and abandoned to die, but survives. Revenge is bizarre. It does not get any darker!

The book is coming soon in the Feather Book Shop.

The Blogger

- no way but down

When you've been sky high, there's one path left to go. One of Norway's most popular bloggers writes about her experiences, about being loved and admired, being hated and wanted dead.