Follow my dreams? I´m not a follower - my dreams are following me!

Trude Helén Hole is a Norwegian journalist, sommelier, coach, painter, model and blogger – and probably Norway's most strongwilled and hardworking author as she is one of the first, if not the very first author to leave the traditional publishing industry to become an independent author in 2011. With a permanent job and as a self-employed person within media and communication, and daily operation of her own publishing house, all this in addition to writing books - her working days are extremely long.

But giving up the dream of working full time as an author has never been an option. This author is simply too stubborn and stupid - and in addition, she is convinced that the world needs more joy and laughter - which is her contribution to the world among a number of other important things.

As a little girl, Trude Helén Hole read tons of books and knew quite early that she would become a writer with both courage and strong opinions at some point in life. She got her first column published as a 13-year old girl, and since then she has written various articles for several magazines and newspapers until she made her debut as an author in 2006 with The Truth About Lotte-Marie. The novel was published by N.W. Damm & Søn Forlag and sold over 6,000 in the first edition which became a Norwegian record. In addition to being an unconventional author with several novels, non-fiction and documentaries behind her, Hole is also a coach, blogger, lecturer, model and photographer.

But even authors have a story to tell from before they became authors. Over the past 25 years, Trude Helén Hole has gained versatile experience within leadership, management, brandbuilding, organizational development, PR and communication. Hole has worked with international elite athletes as well as children's sports for more than 18 years. Based on this, her studies of history and psychology, and articles about leadership and self-development that are widely used in management and academic literature as well as her own books - she also offers funny, motivating and reflective lectures.

Hole began her working career as a 12-year-old girl, by working in a grocery store every Saturday and helping older neighbors with their daily chores. This in addition to school work, mountain hiking on her own, heavy training (swimming) and horsebackriding as she had three horses and a crazy goat to take care of. As a young adult she moved from her hometown Bergen to Los Angeles to work as a model. She also participated in The Face of the Year and Miss Universe where she got fired, as she encouraged all the participants to sit down and strike. It is in her nature to stand up against harassment and injustice, even those that do not affect her. Hole still works as a model and an actress, and photos can be found here.

In the 90s, Hole travelled the world and ended up in Australia to manage a horse ranch and to work on a cattle farm for a few years. At the ranch she got a beautiful stallion named Percy that no one could ride. The stallion was both dangerous and crazy, but not as "crazy" as Hole, so it went just fine and she fell in love with her horse, the ranch, the people and the life style. In other words, she lived like a cowgirl, but is a true indian both in spirit and mind that still finds peace and healing in contact with animals and in our wonderful Mother nature - and of course while writing her weird and funny stories in a world that needs love and laughter more than anything.

Back in Norway, Trude Helén Hole who is a trained sommelier imported wine for six years before she became a journalist. The male-dominated wine industri gave the author both idea and content for the first two books about Lotte-Marie. But in the last two books, the stories have taken on a new direction as juicy and bizarre crime parodies that are read and applauded by both sexes. 

Hole also has experience from various TV productions both in front of and behind of the camera, and produced among other things Norway's first TV serie about wine. These series and a lot of short stories about her books can be found at her You Tube channel, and her digital wine course can be found right here. In 2007 Hole was headhunted back to the world of sports and worked for 3 years as general manager and coach for ASK which at that time became Norway´s biggest swimming club. She also established synchronous, water polo and diving - and the club became Norway's largest sports club both in members and financial muscles. The club also got very good sporting results at all levels.

According to the media and readers, the books about Lotte-Marie from the north coast are considered the best within the humor genre in Norway, and are often referred to as Norway's refreshing, feminine and humorous answers to our gloomy, tired and semi-alcoholic crime heroes such as Harry Hole and Varg Veum written by Jo Nesbø and Gunnar Staalelsen. The unconventional books are totally limitless in terms of language, means and the use of humor and satire - though with an underlying message for the attentive reader.

Readers of both gender are fascinated by the character's complexity, her courage and her consistent strength, but even the strongest can sometimes become fragile and insecure. This changing shift in a human being and what possibly causes it - is what makes a person and a story interesting. The books are also about setting and breaking boundaries, about vulnerability and courage - all told with a lot of revealing humor and self-irony. Hole has an easy-going style and writes about love, fantasies and feelings - and about sex, desires and passion in a tone that captures both gender. The author also writes about self-development and reflection - both with an unfiltered and  twisted pen. 

Good entertainment and humor are universal. But the books about Lotte-Marie are not only considered sexy and funny - they also promote important questions regarding societal development and human behavior which makes these books highly socially relevant. Hole also write articles about "Leadership through inner motivation" that are widely used in management and academic literature, as well in her own books. Her pen is steady, light and easygoing - and the result of all the mentioned are books that are unique both in form and content.

In short; Trude Helén Hole really master the art of balancing strength and vulnerability, humor and seriousness - and has according to what is said about her created her own literary genre with her books about Lotte-Marie. The books are read by both women and men with a sense of humor and can easily be read individually.

"Well behaved women rarely

make history. I´m not well behaved. 

I´m simply me. It gets dirty!”

Trude Helén Hole

If you wan´t to

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Trude Helén Hole is a former finalist in The Face of the Year and Miss Universe, where she got fired because she encouraged participants to sit down and strike. Hole has also lived in LA due to her modeling career, and still works as a model. Pictures can be found right here. As a model, she prefers to have the overall responsibility according to the creative expression, but of course in line with your wishes. Perfect, dull, artificial and over-retouched images are not her style - she prefers contrasts, a down-to-earth and natural looking style with wind in her hair and of course modest make-up. Visible age and a lived life are in her opinion beautiful! But of course, if you want it different and pay well enough - anything is possible. Hole is also an actress who has starred in several films and TV series, and she might take assignments as a photographer. Pictures taken by Hole can be found here.


Trude Helén Hole has been a leader, coach and trainer for more than 18 years for international elite athletes as well as children's sports, and has worked within management and as a director for several companies for over 25 years. Based on this, as well as her studies of history and psychology and her many articles about leadership and self-development that are widely used in management and academic literature, as well in her own books - she gives funny, motivating and reflective lectures. During the Protest Festival 2013, the following prominent speakers participated: Gunnar Stålsett, Per Fugelli, Esben Esther P. Benestad, Stephen M. Kaumba, Hallgrim Berg and Trude Helén Hole. The well-known Norwegian TV profile Per Ståle Lønning introduced Hole in the following way: - Trude Helén Hole is an author, a model and an influencer. She is also known as the toughest and cheekiest girl in the book industry. She is a visionary - a modern McCloud with a clear speech. Men both love and fear her. Please welcome Trude Helén Hole!


Trude Helén Hole, who is a trained sommelier, has been importing wine for 6 years and has been a wine writer for over 17 years for various media. Hole also produced Norway's first wine program on television and has held a number of wine courses throughout the country where wine snobs are banned.

Due to many requests, Hole has now chosen to do wine courses again, but with a new twist: - You will watch the wine courses on video in your own living room when you have the time and desire!

You can read more about the wine courses right here.


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