The funniest books ever written in Norway?
20,000 pre-sold books!

Norwegian record for a debutant. The Truth About Lotte-Marie, Uncensored is Trude Helén Hole's debut novel and the first about the rather unconventional Lotte-Marie. The novel was published by N.W. Damm & Søn Forlag in 2006 and sold over 6,000 in the first edition which at the time was a Norwegian record. The author who is a trained sommelier, used to imported wine for six years before she became an author and a journalist. The male-dominated wine industri gave the author both the idea and content for the first two books about Lotte-Marie. But in the last two books - the stories have taken on a new direction as juicy and bizarre crime parodies that are read and applauded by both sexes. According to media and readers, the books about Lotte-Marie from the north coast in Norway, are simply the best within the humor genre, and are often referred to as Norway's feministic, refreshing and humorous answers to our gloomy, tired and semi-alcoholic crime heroes such as Harry Hole and Varg Veum written by Jo Nesbø and Gunnar Staalelsen.

These are UNISEX books. The unconventional books about Lotte-Marie are totally limitless when it comes to language, means and the use of humor and satire, although with an underlying message for the attentive reader. Readers of both gender are fascinated by the character's complexity, her courage and her consistent strength, but even the strongest can sometimes become fragile and insecure. This changing shift in a human being and what possibly causes it, is what makes a person and a story interesting. The books are also about setting and breaking boundaries, about vulnerability and courage - all told with a lot of revealing humor and self-irony. Hole writes about love, fantasies and feelings - and about sex, desires and passion in a tone that captures both gender. The author has an easy-going style and also writes unfiltered about self-development and reflection - althoug with a twisted pen. 

Good entertainment and humor are universal. But the books about Lotte-Marie are not only considered sexy and funny - they also promote important questions regarding societal development and human behavior which makes these books highly socially relevant. Hole also write articles about "Leadership and motivation" that are widely used in management and academic literature, as well in her own books. Her pen is steady, light and easygoing and the result of the mentioned are books that are unique both in form and content.

In short; Trude Helén Hole master the art of balancing strength and vulnerability, humor and seriousness, and has according to what is said about her - almost created her own literary genre with her books about Lotte-Marie.

About the character. Lotte-Marie is a divided person. Lotte is wild, ruthless, rude and uninhibited, while Marie is the pretentious and correct businesswoman, the one who works in the wine industry and is the superseller with the splendid nose. Her two conflicting characters tears her apart, and the art is to balance these two egoes, something Lotte-Marie is not very good at. Norway's funniest books are about being a human being, but first and foremost a woman in a male dominated world - a woman who tends to end up in the most bizarre situations where small margins separate life and death. 

The books are read by both women and men with a sense of humor and can easily be read individually.

"Well behaved women rarely make history.

I´m not well behaved. I´m simply me.

It gets dirty!”

Trude Helén Hole

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